Unusually Sappy

So, this post is going to be unusually sappy compared to most in the past.

But honestly, I have an aching realization that is sitting in my chest that is grumbling and waiting to creep out to share itself with someone.


No one?

…whomever may read- I suppose.

I read something a while ago that detailed how people are indeed placed in our lives for a reason- which sure, sounds cliché as everything- but it really hit close to home (another cliché…I’m so corny).

Several times throughout this year, I’ve watched people float in and out of my life ever-so-easily…All while managing to leave some form of an imprint on my heart. But then there are those that come into my life to simply share their time for only a brief moment, or in contrast- those who have stayed sturdily by my side through everything.

But the significance of those who have stuck around is no grander than those who have not.

The specific article I read used the: “Reason, a season, or a lifetime” quote to further what all of this means .

Sometimes, our hearts, minds, and spirits only need someone in a certain phase of our lives- which leads to the feeling of them slipping away without a trace. This is because momentarily we are blessed with their presence enough to give us the laughter, the company, the guidance, or even the tears that we need. They seem almost unnaturally present, and then all of the sudden they’re not.

But why is this? 

Because their job is done.

(Or maybe me and this article are both way too over-analytical).

Either way, this view point caught me off guard with the realness, especially since these people have given me so many things I’ve needed in the past.

I’m so grateful.

But moving onto what the article said about those who are here for only a season-

(I found this one saddest, honestly).


Because we’ve all been there, haven’t we? For a millisecond (compared to our lifetime), we have the opportunity to share or be shared with these nostalgia-invoking experiences in order to further ourselves or another person. When their season is over, though, the relationship (whether it’s a friend, a co-worker, or a loved one) seems to lose its leaves and unnaturally struggle to remain out of it’s element, because it is no longer it’s time.

We just have to realize flowers can’t blossom in the snow, and water can’t stay frozen in the summer.

But we have to hold onto the memories-

Because when the snow begins to melt in the spring, it helps all the beautiful plants to grow in the seasons to come.







And to those who have been there for a lifetime, you’ve seen it all- my good seasons, my bad, and everything in between. You’ve grown me, and I have you. We’re timeless, and I’m so grateful.

Much love.



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