Top 5 Marketing Tools As Told By A Fractional Marketer

As a business owner, trying to keep up with your own marketing can be difficult. Whether you have someone dedicated to your marketing, or you’re managing your own efforts, I’m going to share the websites and apps that have streamlined my marketing game.

Here are my top 5 must-have marketing tools:

1. Coschedule

Enjoy an editorial view of everything going on in marketing? This is a tool you’ll want to look into. Not only can you view a calendar of emails, social posts, blogs, and more, but you can connect all these areas of marketing to this site so they are scheduled to automatically release.

2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is incredibly simple, and better yet…it’s free. I recommend Mailchimp for anyone looking to start building, as well as taking advantage of, an email list.

3. Brand Mentions

Ever wonder if customers, or people in general, are talking about your brand on social media and just forgot to tag you? Social listening through Brand Mentions is free, easy to use, and a total marketing hack for collecting social proof.

4. Canva

Ah, the queen of amazing marketing tools. I couldn’t possibly upload this blog without mentioning Canva! Canva is free, with the ability to upgrade for even more design goodness. Many people use this website/app for creating social media content, but I personally love taking advantage of their header, invoice, proposal and other various marketing templates. Everything is customizable, and if you have an eye for design you can design your own templates!


Coolors collects your brand pallet and will create a virtual swatch guide that you can save as a png or pdf. This is especially useful to add to your brand guide before handing it off to designers or developers as they work on new assets for your business.

Bonus: Google *Everything*

Slides, Sheets, Drive, Docs…Need I say more?

If you enjoyed my top marketing tool recommendations, be sure to connect with me on LinkedIn! Don’t have time to run your own marketing, but also not ready to take on a full-time hire? Shoot me an email at so we can discuss my fractional marketing services.

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