The Divine Feminine

“…Betcha on land
They understand
Bet they don’t reprimand their daughters
Bright young women
Sick o’ swimmin’
Ready to stand…”

Ever since I was old enough to watch movies, I idolized The Little Mermaid and the strong feminine energy she represented for me. I would listen to these songs on repeat, dancing around with 0 inhibitions- ready to take on whatever I sought after.

Made-up female leads aside- Did you know that astronomers named 2017 the “Divine Feminine Rising”?  Huh. Me neither- but they did. Read more at (they even share some methods to embrace your own divine feminine energy)! 

Essentially, the concept is that in 2017, the international unlocking of feminine power began taking place. While this might not all be scientifically backed-up, it sure gives me those same feelings Ariel’s encouraging words once gave me.

Today, I especially felt this energy.

You see, I attend a university that is predominately male (hang in there guys, this isn’t a feminist march).

(a quick statistic of my uni’s gender ratio).

And while there’s nothing wrong with this- it does get nerve wracking sometimes!

Especially in group projects.

As a woman that possesses a leadership mentality, many questions flood into your head when you’ve been thrown into a project where not only are you the only woman in the group…But one of the only women in the class.

One of my biggest questions being: “Will they listen to what I have to say?”

So, like I always do- I blasted some boss b*tch music and told myself they would.

And I wasn’t wrong.

Today I gave a presentation in front of a class at a university where 71% of the seats are filled with the opposite gender- and I was amazed at the reactions. 

When I looked around, these faces were engaged- nodding in agreement, even.

You can only imagine how I felt when my professor, a man, congratulated me personally for my team’s presentation.

This class, ironically, is a class that touches on many topics about dealing in international business. Really, it isn’t uncommon for us to discuss the taboo of a corporate woman in certain regions. I’m so sad for those women that aren’t able to experience the respect I received on the floor today- but I would also like to express how proud I am of how far we have come. 

Between 1848 and 1920, the Women’s Rights Movement began, in a time where women were literally arrested for wearing one piece swim suits. I can’t help but think how divine these women would have felt if they’d been treated how I was today. They must be so happy for where we are as a society….and hopeful for where we’re going. 

At least I know I am.

Do you have any stories like this? Or any moments where you were proud of yourself for embracing your divine feminine energy? Send me a DM on Instagram and tell me about it, I would love to hear.



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