February 6th

Mermaid 2
Before a few months ago, the place allowed customers to go free with markers. A few of the crazy doodles remain, but most of the grafitti was scrubbed away and painted over.
Kaylee photo
The clouds look like wool!
Kaylee in a tree
She found a spot to take a nice photo- doesn’t matter that it was in the tree.
Colorful leaves
Beautiful leaves!

Yesterday, me and my best friend took the morning to adventure and take our rivaling camera’s out for a spin. After spending quite a bit of time in the local Starbucks, and taking photographs on the beach, we grabbed some awesome burritos from my favorite burrito joint “Dakine Diego’s.”

Emily and Austin

All throughout our lives, we’re warned to stay away and avoid talking to strangers. However, breaking that rule, I’ve decided to stop several people and ask them a few questions during my travels and everyday life.

A few days ago, I got the chance to chat with the ambitious Austin and Emily from St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Sitting on Melbourne Beach, these two caught my eye while they were admiring the awesome scenery. After asking a couple of questions, I learned that both of them have started their own beachy businesses! “Beach Side Body Works,” a swanky yoga company, and “ALee Creations,” a rad surf and sailing company.

Turns out, in fact, they’d gone out surfing at 6am that morning! Whew!

Emily and Austin 3

Stopping for a few minutes to learn a little bit about someone is always great, and I can’t wait to share the rest of these “stranger’s” stories with you.