Is Anyone Really An “#IGModel”?

Ever stare at a photo of yourself for too long before sharing it only to find yourself NOT posting it because of your new found flaws?The ones you so harshly picked out about yourself while contemplating if you should actually just post the photo? This can’t just be me screw it, though  I’m posting it! You know why? because I felt confident, beautiful, worthy, etc., in this photoBecause I AMThe idea that a photo has to be edited to perfection, my chin should be tilted to a more flattering angle than this, my lips should be sealed with an unnatural smile..etc., is all BS that I’ve made up in my head to fit something I’m not (and

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeupdon’t really think anyone is?!) Here’s to feeling beautifulhaving natural smilesand accepting that women don’t always have to look like the sought after ‘ #igmodel ‘ 


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