How To Conceptualization Your Brand On Pinterest In 3 Simple Steps

Pst… Have you heard? There is a free tool out there that will allow you to visualize your business in digital, categorized bulletin boards. It’s called Pinterest, and I BET you already have an account floating around… Its time to take advantage of this platform for more than just recipes!

Continue reading and discover how to conceptualization your brand on Pinterest…

Create a board

This is only the beginning, don’t pin anything here! Next we will create subsections which we’ll use for varying pieces of your brand concept such as font, messaging or color scheme inspiration.

Create a section on the board for every piece of your branding you wish to visualize

Below I’ve included a few examples of how I categorize my Brand Board, but feel free to go crazy in a way that is artistically understandable to you.

Find and sort Pinterest content to serve as your inspiration

Spend some time searching brands you enjoy, peruse the content and sort what you find relevant into the various sections on your new board. 

And voila! Before you know it you’ll have your brand fleshed out with photos and ideas unique to your business. Keep in mind, this Pinterest board is useful for more than just conceptualizing your brand, as you take on a team you’ll have a digital space for new-hires to explore and educate themselves on your brand! I highly recommend adding to this board during your down-time, its a great way to unwind. Eventually, you’ll get a feel for your brand, and when that happens its a good idea to duplicate this board, deleting the irrelevant content that no longer pertains to your vision (don’t delete anything from the original, its always great to look back on where you started). By deleting what no longer sticks to the story you’re selling or the value you’re providing, you’ll find yourself with a brand guide that was built in a ridiculously passive and affordable way!

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