De-Stress Routine

Today’s a particularly stressful day…it happens! I have multiple projects, exams, and papers to turn in..ALL TONIGHT. [insert @redbull emoji]..✨✨✨I feel like I’m definitely not the only one experiencing this right now, so I thought I might share my destress routine (which I will DEFINITELY be doing when I get home today..whew!)✨✨✨so first.. what’s a de-stress routine? Well, it’s something you practice and make a habit of so that it’s quick (we all have busy schedules!) and your mind associates it as time to wind down✨this means no phones, laptops, homework, etc.! This time is for YOU‼️ 
My de-stress routine:
1️⃣I tap into a few senses like smell and touch! You can use any of your favorite things that fall into these categories- (maybe a candle and knitting!) for me, I love the smell of sage, and it really has some amazing benefits- so I usually burn some and lay out on a fuzzy carpet. In this moment, I imagine that space is COMPLETELY mine and no stress can enter🚫🖤I then fiddle with a few crystals in my palm to calm my anxious thoughts and ground myself. ( My favorites are from @lucedivinacrystals )
2️⃣ I write in my planner🍂 my @freedom_mastery planner doubles as a journal, so I usually write down some thoughts and track how I’m feeling in the moment📝Sometimes putting down how I feel really helps me visualize how big or small my stresses in the moment are.
3️⃣ I take deep breaths and think about everything I’m appreciative towards. I fill this moment with complete gratitude, then turn my thoughts to my progress towards my goals🍁✨I remind myself that my failures are okay, and that they are simply things I have to go through in order to reach my success🍁🍂✨……do you have a de-stress routine? What’re some things you might include in yours? I want to hear yours! Leave me a comment below😊✨


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