Cheri’ Smith

Continuing my series on tapping into people’s lives around me-

I had the chance to strike up an interesting conversation with the lovely Cheri’ at the Ren fair. While Cheri’ labored over her intricate dots and swirls she was placing on my hand, she spoke to me about her interest in henna design.

Cheri’s design!

For a while, I’ve been curious if Middle Easterners would be offended if I were to wear these pretty designs that are commonly attributed to their culture. However, Cheri’ actually told me that while checking out at Publix, an Indian woman complimented her master piece she was currently displaying on her hands! Cheri’ was curious, so she researched and found that there is no actual religious significance to henna designs! Really, like she said, “It’s just like a bunch of girls sitting around painting their nails!”

How lovely!

If you’re into henna, or even if you’re not, you should check out her business, “I Dream of Henna!”


(Photos taken on the IPhone 5S)

Cheri Smith Card
Awesome wooden business card

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