5 Steps To Selling Yourself In A Bio

Whether it is for a proposal, your website or a profile, it is important to know how to sell yourself through the written-word. Here, I will introduce the strategy I use while writing client bios.

Step 1. What is the bio being used for?

I like to consider the reason we’re writing a bio in the first place: Are you applying for a certain job where it would be important for the reader to know more about specific experiences you have rather than others?

For example, if a marketing entrepreneur was crafting a bio for a LinkedIn profile designed to attract consulting clients, I would recommend they highlight experiences they’ve had in content, branding and general marketing roles. If they have experience in sales, it would be worth mentioning but it would be best to focus on their more marketing-centric qualities.

Step 2. Start writing and initially focus on the career.

If you could summarize your career’s life in one or two sentences, what would you say? I recommend mentioning the length of your career, how long you’ve specialized in the area which you are highlighting, and what you are currently focusing on. 

For example: “Karlista Maroney has dedicated more than half of her five year career in marketing to the strategic growth of her client’s brands. Karlista runs a boutique marketing firm specializing in content strategy and brand management for fashion and beauty companies.”

Remember: Write in a professional and third person voice.

Step 3. What makes you an authority figure?

Do you have any guest speaking experiences you can mention? A social standing in an organization that offers authority status? Podcasts, shows, or articles you’ve been featured in? Mention them!

Step 4. ‘Tangible” professional recognition

Have you received an award, degree, or certification in the field you’re highlighting? If so, mention these accomplishments and share with the reader why this is relevant in considering your expertise.

Step 5. Draft, redraft, and draft again!

Aim to make everything flow and feel coherent. I recommend having a colleague read your final draft before finishing up completely!

At this point, you should have a convincing bio that highlights your areas of expertise in an authentic and engaging format. Everyone has a form of recognition and authority they can use to their advantage, it’s only a matter of learning to describe these accolades and experiences strategically for the reader to digest.

THE Press Release Template That Syndicated My Work On 1000+ Outlets

Below you can find the template I used when writing dozens of press releases for SEO purposes. Not only did my copy get published, but it was shared (per press release) on 100+ news outlets…Totaling to more than 1,000 syndications of the work I completed for my clients in the 1 year I’ve been writing press releases. I highly recommend hyper-linking EVERY mention of your company name with a URL you’re looking to drive up on Google’s search listings… This is a key SEO strategy that helps my clients boost positive content about their business.

Cheers, and enjoy!

Newsworthy headline


(Insert City, State) Now mention who, what, when, where, why and how.

“Quote,” Said (insert name of the above mentioned ‘who’) from (insert their position/company).

(Insert additional info, such as a paraphrased quote that covers the ‘why’  and potentially elaborates on ‘what’ we’re talking about). 

(Here you want to insert something about the upcoming quote or the person being quoted), “…insert a quote from a secondary ‘who’ discussing one of our key W topics,” (Name, position/relation).

Insert the additional info that is least important, but still significant enough to mention.

“Quote from,” Anyone else that can support your story and add to the whole picture, but this should be the least important quote (Name, Position/Relevance).

Visit Our Website (Hyper Link ‘Website’).

About (Insert Organization Name).

(Insert organization bio. Insert organization bioInsert organization bio. Insert organization bio. Insert organization bio. Insert organization bio. Insert organization bio.)

Media Contact (Below, use the info for the person you want journalists to contact of they’re interested in covering your story).

For other media requests and inquiries:

Company Name: (Insert here).

Contact Person: (Insert Name, Insert Position).

Email: (Insert here).

Phone: (Insert here).

URL: (Insert organization website here).

Did you find this template helpful, but don’t have the time on your hands to take advantage of it?

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