The Divine Feminine

“…Betcha on land
They understand
Bet they don’t reprimand their daughters
Bright young women
Sick o’ swimmin’
Ready to stand…”

Ever since I was old enough to watch movies, I idolized The Little Mermaid and the strong feminine energy she represented for me. I would listen to these songs on repeat, dancing around with 0 inhibitions- ready to take on whatever I sought after.

Made-up female leads aside- Did you know that astronomers named 2017 the “Divine Feminine Rising”?  Huh. Me neither- but they did. Read more at (they even share some methods to embrace your own divine feminine energy)! 

Essentially, the concept is that in 2017, the international unlocking of feminine power began taking place. While this might not all be scientifically backed-up, it sure gives me those same feelings Ariel’s encouraging words once gave me.

Today, I especially felt this energy.

You see, I attend a university that is predominately male (hang in there guys, this isn’t a feminist march).

(a quick statistic of my uni’s gender ratio).

And while there’s nothing wrong with this- it does get nerve wracking sometimes!

Especially in group projects.

As a woman that possesses a leadership mentality, many questions flood into your head when you’ve been thrown into a project where not only are you the only woman in the group…But one of the only women in the class.

One of my biggest questions being: “Will they listen to what I have to say?”

So, like I always do- I blasted some boss b*tch music and told myself they would.

And I wasn’t wrong.

Today I gave a presentation in front of a class at a university where 71% of the seats are filled with the opposite gender- and I was amazed at the reactions. 

When I looked around, these faces were engaged- nodding in agreement, even.

You can only imagine how I felt when my professor, a man, congratulated me personally for my team’s presentation.

This class, ironically, is a class that touches on many topics about dealing in international business. Really, it isn’t uncommon for us to discuss the taboo of a corporate woman in certain regions. I’m so sad for those women that aren’t able to experience the respect I received on the floor today- but I would also like to express how proud I am of how far we have come. 

Between 1848 and 1920, the Women’s Rights Movement began, in a time where women were literally arrested for wearing one piece swim suits. I can’t help but think how divine these women would have felt if they’d been treated how I was today. They must be so happy for where we are as a society….and hopeful for where we’re going. 

At least I know I am.

Do you have any stories like this? Or any moments where you were proud of yourself for embracing your divine feminine energy? Send me a DM on Instagram and tell me about it, I would love to hear.



De-Stress Routine

Today’s a particularly stressful day…it happens! I have multiple projects, exams, and papers to turn in..ALL TONIGHT. [insert @redbull emoji]..✨✨✨I feel like I’m definitely not the only one experiencing this right now, so I thought I might share my destress routine (which I will DEFINITELY be doing when I get home today..whew!)✨✨✨so first.. what’s a de-stress routine? Well, it’s something you practice and make a habit of so that it’s quick (we all have busy schedules!) and your mind associates it as time to wind down✨this means no phones, laptops, homework, etc.! This time is for YOU‼️ 
My de-stress routine:
1️⃣I tap into a few senses like smell and touch! You can use any of your favorite things that fall into these categories- (maybe a candle and knitting!) for me, I love the smell of sage, and it really has some amazing benefits- so I usually burn some and lay out on a fuzzy carpet. In this moment, I imagine that space is COMPLETELY mine and no stress can enter🚫🖤I then fiddle with a few crystals in my palm to calm my anxious thoughts and ground myself. ( My favorites are from @lucedivinacrystals )
2️⃣ I write in my planner🍂 my @freedom_mastery planner doubles as a journal, so I usually write down some thoughts and track how I’m feeling in the moment📝Sometimes putting down how I feel really helps me visualize how big or small my stresses in the moment are.
3️⃣ I take deep breaths and think about everything I’m appreciative towards. I fill this moment with complete gratitude, then turn my thoughts to my progress towards my goals🍁✨I remind myself that my failures are okay, and that they are simply things I have to go through in order to reach my success🍁🍂✨……do you have a de-stress routine? What’re some things you might include in yours? I want to hear yours! Leave me a comment below😊✨


Stop Thinking Positive: A Method to Moving On

Have you ever been heartbroken? Maybe not in the general sense where you’ve lost a person or some physical thing — but perhaps heartbroken over the loss of a metaphysical aspect to your life? Time, space, surety, identity, etc.,? If not, feel free to stop reading here- but I’m willing to bet you have.

Recently I was asked how I would “…get over a bad relationship that had taken up a long time of…,” my life. Well, first let me start with an honest response: I have never been in a broken relationship that lasted long enough for me to experience the sensation of lost time. I, since rather young, have been very decisive for some reason when it came to men hurting me. If you treated me badly, I was done. Its just how I’ve always operated in my love life.


I have definitely stuck around for much longer than I should have in other areas of my life. In both situations, we are experiencing a similar pain: the feeling we WASTED ourselves on something not MEANT for us.

Its human.

I might not be able to tell you what I would do to get over a person, but I most certainly have the understanding necessary to tell you how to get over a sense of loss in identity and time.

First, you have to admit where you are and accept it. In fact, if you read through the 5 stages of grief- this is the last one. This is the peak, and its what you must move forward from.

People will tell you to think positive, and sure this is true..But they don’t give you the important bit- which is HOW.

Heres what I’m leading up to: In order to get over your grief (in whatever aspect of your life this may be) you must look to yourself. You’ve had all of these 5 stages to mourn, now its time to focus on you.

Instead of focusing on getting over THEM, focus on investing in YOU.

You are the one who has worked, learned, cried, experienced..EVERYTHING necessary to bring you this far in life. Its time you acknowledge this and start doing something to propel yourself past this and on to something greater (do not mistake this for trying to replace what you have lost- this does NOT work).

What are your goals for the future? What are daily steps you can take to get you there? What are daily habits you can incorporate into a portion of your day to help you execute these steps?

This is the way you identify how you need to invest in yourself.

For me, something I realized is that I have to be “good” so that I can be good to YOU. Self-care is something I have to work at every day in order to function properly in life. Now, I try to get more sleep (I’m still terrible at this), I use a planner, I set daily goals, I have a de-stress routine, I journal (recently I’ve switched to blogging), and I aggressively try to learn things that will make my future look brighter.

The few things I do and have listed above might not be what you need (everyone has a different need that has to be filled in order to consider it an investment..). However, I have provided the questions above to help you determine what those necessary investments might be for you.

Please understand that at the end of a day spent working on yourself, you won’t EVER feel that you’ve made a bad investment in something or lost a metaphysical aspect to your life- this is because what you’re investing in IS your life.

Its this simple: Like with any monetary investment- the more time, effort, money., etc., you put into increasing your quality is only going to raise the value of the product (thats you!)… In no way can this method effect your process negatively.

I’m not going to BS you: You canNOT just get by with positive thinking.

You have to work at it, you have to feel it, and you have to want it.

So: don’t just think positively- FEEL positively…and do whatever it takes to ensure that sensation for your present and future here on this Earth.



Give Yourself Some Credit

I for one WANT one of these heart shaped teacups from @houseofpastelmacarons 🌸 Isn’t it precious? ✨ ✨✨✨But on a serious note y’all — if you’re waking up every morning with your future in mind then give yourself some credit🖤in the end, we’re all out here trying for something..but you’re only going to achieve it if you put in that work — so go you for putting in the necessary time✨🖤All that you work for will come..just remind your work ethic to stick around for the results✨✨✨✨✨✨✨#empowerwomen#empowerment #strongwomen #fempreneur#entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurmotivation#gogetter #moneyflow #attractwealth#worthy #workforyourself#workingfromhome #workethics #workethic#womenwithambition #ambitiouswomen#smallbusinesslife #businesscoaching#dailybusiness #dailyhustle #hustlehard#womanhustler#teamworkmakesthedreamwork#workquotes #insta #instafollow #instahub#instaquote #instamotivation

Is Anyone Really An “#IGModel”?

Ever stare at a photo of yourself for too long before sharing it only to find yourself NOT posting it because of your new found flaws?The ones you so harshly picked out about yourself while contemplating if you should actually just post the photo? This can’t just be me screw it, though  I’m posting it! You know why? because I felt confident, beautiful, worthy, etc., in this photoBecause I AMThe idea that a photo has to be edited to perfection, my chin should be tilted to a more flattering angle than this, my lips should be sealed with an unnatural smile..etc., is all BS that I’ve made up in my head to fit something I’m not (and

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeupdon’t really think anyone is?!) Here’s to feeling beautifulhaving natural smilesand accepting that women don’t always have to look like the sought after ‘ #igmodel ‘ 


Recipe For a Bad Day

Bad days are the absolute worst.

(You do not have to tell me twice).

But sometimes, honestly?

It’s just a matter of waking up to one.

Often, though, I feel like my chances of having a bad day are a tad bit higher due to a few things.

In these cases, I owe my best worst days to these ingredients:


No. Not waiting for your coffee to brew, a red light to switch to green, or waiting on something like a Spotify ad to end.

Honestly, I’ve found that waiting and depending on others for things you should do yourself is a great way to kick off your recipe to a bad day. Not only does it set you up to fail if they don’t come through, but it also places your happiness/success in their hands.


This part really sucks, and it’s even suckier because it’s hard to avoid.

Allowing disappointment to make its way into your heart is a key way to stir up your bad day.

For example, I came across this quote which really struck a chord with me:

“When things are a disappointment, try not to be so discouraged.”

-Carol Burnett

So, I guess it’s not so much of allowing disappointment to effect you, as much as it is not letting yourself become discouraged by your disappointments. Basically, don’t sweat the small stuff. And even if it isn’t small stuff, you’ve got to keep going.



This is a big one for me.

I’m an extroverted person, so I draw my energy from those around me. So, if the people around me are having a terrible day- I too tend to have a bad day.

But external influences don’t have to just be people.

External issues can be anything from the weather, your car breaking down, or even losing your favorite sweater.

At times, it honestly feels like life is just chipping away at your outer layer- Just be careful what external influences you allow through.

Doubting Others.

“The benefit of the doubt”
A Phrase.
 1. A concession that a person or fact must be regarded as correct or justified, if the contrary has not been proven.
Believe me, I know. This is really difficult to do.
And honestly, here’s the most beneficial thing I’ve learned that has helped me combat this:
Be selfish.
Don’t give people the benefit of the doubt for them, do it for YOUR peace of mind. If you believe, trust, and have faith in a person- then you’re much more likely to rest easy.
“Maybe ______ didn’t mean what they said in the way they said it.”
“It’s possible _____ forgot.”
“_____ wouldn’t do that.”
Yes- that makes you easier to take advantage of- but does it really matter? If you were wrong for trusting them, atleast you were the adult in the situation.

Doubting Yourself.

If you’re giving others the benefit of the doubt, don’t you think you owe it to you to not be too hard on yourself?


When you speak about something in a certain way, you’re affirming that opinion in your mind. I seriously believe that this is a fantastic way to spice up a bad day. If you go around telling everyone how bad your day has been, while over-exaggerating the details, chances are you’ll start to believe that it has actually been the worst day of your life.

“No one really has a bad life. Not even a bad day. Just bad moments.”

-Regina Brett

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and be dope at life.
Yes it’s been a bad day for me, but…


And remember:


Solo Travel

Since I was younger, I have fantasized over the idea of going to Barcelona, Spain. In fact, the specific year was 2006. Why this year?

Easy. It’s when The Cheetah Girls packed it all up in went to Spain, and for some reason to eight-year-old me, that just looked amazing.

(It still looks amazing!)

This past summer, I spent nearly 63 hours of my time devoted to earning my way to my dream through the great art of scooping ice cream. It took patience, a lot of time lacking immediate gratification, and several annoying conversations with some particularly unfriendly customers- but my dream was becoming a reality.

I had intended on staying in a hostel, but when I started at my new university, I met a really great girl named Maria, and she offered up her home and time to show me around la ciudad hermosa (the beautiful city)!…Im trying, okay?…haha.

So, when the time came, and I’d set enough money aside, I rushed to the internet and purchased my ticket.

In preparation of the trip, I’ve been watching novellas,  reading in Spanish, and listening to Spanish music in my free time.

I’ll admit, I definitely haven’t done it enough- however I’m starting to recognize major improvements in my comprehension and pronunciation. I had gotten to the point where language programs were no longer aiding my learning experience, but actually discouraging me.


Being the renown procrastinator that I am, I delayed getting my passport for just a tad longer than what would have been convenient.

Instead of easily mailing my information to the office a short month in advance,  I was forced to take a solo trip to the Atlanta location due to waiting so late.

(Why am I like this?!)

For years I’ve wanted to test my independence and travel alone, but Atlanta was never one of my dream destinations. Also, neither was traveling to a place where I knew absolutely no one.

After a few mini-break downs, I came to the conclusion I was going to make the trip as fun as possible.

And I did!

I did several things:

  • Bikram Yoga
  • Visited the Georgia Aquarium
  • Saw The Belt-Line (a walking path they make a huge deal out of here).
  • Shopped and Dined in Ponce City Market
  • Walked (ALOT)
  • Found a Cute Coffee Shop (Its called ‘Dancing Goats’, I think that automatically makes it amazing).
  • Ate At Miss Pitty Patty’s Porch (And got a free coffee+desert for being pretty!).
  • Discovered I love alone time, but I’m definitely a family/people-person.
  • Got my very own passport (I feel accomplished- seriously).

Today is my last day in Atlanta, Georgia, though. Honestly, this city is fun, but I’m stoked to go home and see my family, friends and boyfriend before I head off to Spain. The people in my life mean so much to me, and I’m truly thankful to have that depth of connection with them.

Have you given consideration to the people in your life lately?

I’ve been thinking, and I’ve come to the conclusion that my alone time has made me reflect on and appreciate their presence even more.

This week, try taking an hour or two away from those in your life, and see where it puts you mentally. I dare you!

Watch- the time away will bring you closer. You’ll see.



Show Me Something Natural

“Show me something natural, like ass with some stretch marks.” 

146 pounds.

Thats how much I weighed myself to be nearly four days ago.

When I stepped on the scale, my heart leapt into my throat. Everything in me wanted to jump on my bike and ride until somehow that number magically dropped to my usual fluctuating 135-140. Tears swelled in my eyes, and panic filled what I thought to be my newly inflated stomach.

As a little girl, I was classically trained in ballet- which also means I was classically trained to overanalyze my body and all of its imperfections.

I took a deep breath, then immediately ran to the bathroom to do just that- point out every piece of myself in which I craved to thin.

Are my arms jiggling more?

Is my butt not perky?

Oh my god, is my stomach poochy?

Images of those skinny wasted women, and big booty girls ran through my mind. Thats what a “10” is supposed to look like, right?

Not necessarily.

Not to say these women aren’t beautiful (believe me, they are, or else they wouldn’t appear so much on the social media).


Its okay to fluctuate a little.

Looking at this situation rationally, I changed a lot of my habits in order to boost my grades during finals. Instead of sleeping a regular amount, I only got about 2 hours of rest a night. And rather then running around and hanging out with friends, I was sitting alone to study all day.

I know activity needs to be burned into your schedule, however, I realized I could not afford that time. If I wasn’t busy studying, I had to nap.

Whats messed up, though, is how dramatically a five-pound jump for ONE WEEK had me doubting my beauty, even though I’m still at an extremely healthy weight for my height (5’8″).

Its okay to naturally change body weights.

Besides, stretch marks kind of look like lightning.

If I have lightning in my hips, you know my moves are fire.



(also, this song is great. enjoy).

I Was Right

Currently, I’m sitting in my university’s library bouncing to the tune of none other than The Arctic Monkey’s “Why’d You Only Call Me You’re High.”

“Now it’s three in the morning,
And I’m trying to change your mind,
Left you multiple missed calls
And to my message you reply.
Why’d you only call me when you’re high?
Why’d you only call me when you’re high?”

I can’t help but think of what the person on the other side of the line is feeling. Why are you calling? What do you need? Are you so messed up that somehow your mind wandered to  me even though it never traveled so far when you were sober?

These lyrics, in the the most twisted way bring me so much pleasure. I can’t help but smile, and it’s horrible.





We all go through it:

That moment in the middle of the night, where your phone lights up with an old name that you’ve managed to shove away from your precious heart. But somethings different this time: Rather than searching for a glimpse of the future with this person somewhere between the lies and promises, you find a deep and gratifying sense of triumph.

You’ve made it.

And you did it- even though they said you never would.

You’re over it.

You’ve moved on.

…And you were right.

You’ve found the happiness they said they couldn’t give you due to its lack of existence.

Oh really?




Unusually Sappy

So, this post is going to be unusually sappy compared to most in the past.

But honestly, I have an aching realization that is sitting in my chest that is grumbling and waiting to creep out to share itself with someone.


No one?

…whomever may read- I suppose.

I read something a while ago that detailed how people are indeed placed in our lives for a reason- which sure, sounds cliché as everything- but it really hit close to home (another cliché…I’m so corny).

Several times throughout this year, I’ve watched people float in and out of my life ever-so-easily…All while managing to leave some form of an imprint on my heart. But then there are those that come into my life to simply share their time for only a brief moment, or in contrast- those who have stayed sturdily by my side through everything.

But the significance of those who have stuck around is no grander than those who have not.

The specific article I read used the: “Reason, a season, or a lifetime” quote to further what all of this means .

Sometimes, our hearts, minds, and spirits only need someone in a certain phase of our lives- which leads to the feeling of them slipping away without a trace. This is because momentarily we are blessed with their presence enough to give us the laughter, the company, the guidance, or even the tears that we need. They seem almost unnaturally present, and then all of the sudden they’re not.

But why is this? 

Because their job is done.

(Or maybe me and this article are both way too over-analytical).

Either way, this view point caught me off guard with the realness, especially since these people have given me so many things I’ve needed in the past.

I’m so grateful.

But moving onto what the article said about those who are here for only a season-

(I found this one saddest, honestly).


Because we’ve all been there, haven’t we? For a millisecond (compared to our lifetime), we have the opportunity to share or be shared with these nostalgia-invoking experiences in order to further ourselves or another person. When their season is over, though, the relationship (whether it’s a friend, a co-worker, or a loved one) seems to lose its leaves and unnaturally struggle to remain out of it’s element, because it is no longer it’s time.

We just have to realize flowers can’t blossom in the snow, and water can’t stay frozen in the summer.

But we have to hold onto the memories-

Because when the snow begins to melt in the spring, it helps all the beautiful plants to grow in the seasons to come.







And to those who have been there for a lifetime, you’ve seen it all- my good seasons, my bad, and everything in between. You’ve grown me, and I have you. We’re timeless, and I’m so grateful.

Much love.