10 Hot Business Tips By Boss Babes: Sources of Success

Pt. 2/10

Ever wonder what secrets those successful women on Instagram carry that you don’t? These #Bossbabes reveal the items they attribute their daily source of power to, and some of them might surprise you!

Isabel Palacios

On my recent trip to Cartagena, Colombia, I bought a handmade necklace full some of my favorite stones and crystals. I think it has rhodochrosite and jade, and another yellow stone. I put it on and somehow everything goes right! I wear it even if I’m working from home. Call me crazy, but I think it has powers.

Jane Tavakalian
Intuitive Life & Business Coach

I carry a crystal in my purse all the time. I get confidence only from within, but it is a great item to have and hold it every time you need to get present in a moment.

Jenna Theofiledes
Founder of Presets By Theo

What I wear to feel more confident is a smile! Your ora and the presence you bring into a room matters so much more than your shoes or style. Though LOOK good FEEL good is real! I feel ten steps ahead when I wear fire sneaks and simple athlesuire to class. Be bold. Be confident. Be you.

Brittany Kay
Influencer & Mentor

I don’t have one particular item, but always try to dress in a way that makes me feel GOOD in my own skin. Some days that means a nice flowy dress and some days that means yoga pants. I’m a firm believer that how you look is how you’re going to feel, so if you aren’t confident in what you’re wearing, change it!

Berkley Sweetapple
Attorney, and Blogger

Well I pretty much don’t go anywhere without my phone, and I keep a picture of my two-and-a-half-year-old son as my screensaver. Seeing his face reminds me that if I’m capable of growing another human, I can pretty much do anything!

Miana Melendez
Spiritual Coach, Blogger & Freelance Writer

I am always carrying my crystals with me wherever I go! I sleep with my crystals underneath my pillow, place them on my yoga mat, I even place them on my laptop as I work. Today I picked Moonstone (my new favorite!) and Clear Quartz. Moonstone is amazing for awakening your inner Goddess while Clear Quartz is a great everyday energy protector and cleanser! 

I’ve been playing with crystals as a hobby since I was a young girl. I even wrote an article on them here: Crystal Article for Bold Online Magazine 

Crystals work for me because they hold ancient wisdom that sparks our intuition. 


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