10 Hot Business Tips By Boss Babes: Daily Actions for Empowerment

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These #BossBabes say that every woman seeking success should be frequently carrying out actions to inspire their personal journey. Below, they detail what they do to empower themselves on a daily basis.

Isabel Palacios

I make sure to watch a motivational video or listen to a podcast first thing in the morning to get me inspired. I always try to write out my intentions for the day and express gratitude for all of the work I have to do, because that work is a privilege! So instead of saying ‘I have to do this’, I say ‘I am grateful that I get to do this’. Gratitude is the most powerful mindset to have! 

Isabel Palacios
Jane Tavakalian
Intuitive Life & Business Coach

I meditate every morning and set intentions. I avoid news. Great music is also an amazing way to start your day.

Jane Tavakalian
Jenna Theofiledes
Founder of Presets By Theo

BE POSITIVE. I live by the motto, “today is the day.” I truly try to live each day to the fullest. We are capable of SO much. We have so many resources. So many support systems. So many helping hands. USE them! Start each day with a plan and a checklist. Knock them off and give yourself a pat on the back. You can concur anything as long as your have your attitude sharp and positive.

Jenna Theofiledes
Brittany Kay
Influencer & Mentor

I wake up early —- usually 6 am, and I sit down and do at least 30 minutes of personal development. Right now I’m reading “you are a badass.” I also journal and make a gratitude list. I’m also reaallllly trying to make meditation a habit — it’s so important, I just have a crazy brain! But when I do all these things my days are significantly better and just flow. I’m more productive and more happy.

Brittany Kay
Berkley Sweetapple
Attorney, and Blogger

I try to start my day writing in my Five Minute Journal. It’s an easy way to wake up and immediately focus on the good in my life. It’s so easy to pick up the phone the minute you wake up, but I find that forgoing Instagram first thing and focusing on the big picture puts me in the best position to tackle the day!

Berkley Sweetapple
Miana Melendez
Spiritual Coach, Blogger & Freelance Writer

To put myself in a powerful mindset, there are several practices I do everyday. The first is prayer, or a moment of gratitude. Before even hopping out of bed, I make sure to name one thing I am grateful for. I then set my intentions for the day. By calling in feminine energy or aligned action in the morning, I know my day is starting from this place of balance and it’s something I return to throughout my day if I feel the need to get grounded again. Prayer and intention setting supports flowing in feminine energy and move from thinking to feeling. From mental focus to heart focused. 

Miana Melendez

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