Monday, October 5th



So, I’ve started classes at my college. To be honest, I actually love them. There’s something unexplainably great about listening to someone who knows more than you. Better yet- someone who knows more than you and  carries an English accent. Marvelous. With an English accent, almost instantly, a drab poem becomes something out of a five-star play straight-off Broadway.

My class is small, but I think that is a good way for me to start off. The specialized attention that is available to me is handy. I appreciate it.

However, today my teacher took a break from allowing us to listen to herself, and handed us off to another English professor—– In a movie.

A horrible, horrible, horrible, movie.

The film immediately shows the woman has been diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. Being a scholar, of course, the woman is all for the idea of documenting and dedicating her body to the noble cause of science.

(Doesn’t sound too terrible, right? Wrong).

She quickly grows miserable, and nobody in the hospital (but her kind nurse) sees that she’s more than this interesting lab-rat. She’s, in fact, much more capable of understanding than they treat her. But, of course, this is unimportant to them. The doctors only want money and scholarly recognition. Phewy to that, I say!

So, after this almost two-hour-long trip through depression, I’ve decided I’m never getting cancer. Not am I ever going to attend a day of school where I feel the slightest bit like I may have it.



Saturday, September 19th

Car show, family, village shopping, and school is the foundation of my day!

Sometimes I get so caught up in school that I have only a little bit of time left to do things with my family… Today, however, I kind of just said, “Screw you, school.”

While that may not be the best choice in the long run, today has been really good. I love being with my family.

Right now, though, I’m studying in a coffee shop that is not my own. In fact, it is the very oposite of mine. It’s empty besides passer-byers, has hard chairs, is cold (and I don’t just mean the temperature) and has this evil vibe. In fact, I could almost swear the guy behind the counter is Snape’s offspring.

When I go out and study, I don’t usually do myself up too nicely.

And well, today that bit me in the bum.

A couple of high schoolers, on their way to homecoming, came through in their amazing outfits and looked at me like:

blog homecoming


Ah, what a fabulous feeling to look wretched.


Anyways, tonight K is coming over. We wont be doing much, seeing that I have a ton of homework, but she’s going to be able to see me perform…so it’s worth a silent night of school and little-to-no talking.

I’m really excited:)


I guess this is where I sign off and resume cramming my schoolwork into a short period of time.



Friday, September 18th

Today was really wonderful. 

Every other Saturday, or so, I’m able to go to this swing dancing club. I never leave unhappy, because it’s just so fun! I really love how the youth of today is bringing back swing dancing. So many of my friends have it down- and not just simple steps! We do spins, jumps, turns, and all kinds of aerial tricks!

Tonight, some of my friends from high school came (ew that sounds like I’m old). It was weird, because I missed them so much. When I saw them, I wanted to jump back in time and continue life as it was. But I don’t think thats what I really want. I think what I really want is to be around people I have things in common with. And somehow, I have more things in common with them than I do with people I’ve met through dance or just around town. I suppose this is why people cherish so many relationships from high school and college- because their chosen path of education brought them into a weird and quirky bond. While they may not be similar in what they like to eat, or what latte they like best, they each have to suffer through the same curriculum and professors.

I don’t have this, I’ve realized. And I guess that’s okay. I have my swing club, my coffee shop, dance, and the adults I’ve gotten to know. But I’m not an adult, so it becomes difficult to discern what I should and shouldn’t be apart of. For now, though, I will appreciate the level of maturity I’ve been expected to handle.

I’m so excited to compete in ballroom! Tonight, before the dancing began, there was a little group lesson for about an hour. I came twenty minutes late (because I didn’t know about it until then) and joined with no problem! We learned a bit of rumba and tango. It was a good chance for me to practice my “cuban motion” (the hips). The teacher was able to recognize I’d already learned a bit, which boosted my confidence a bit. It’s always great to feel fabulous! During the dancing, in fact, he continued to teach me a bit of Lindy Hop- which I really enjoy! It’s a very toss-around-ish dance, so you have to really be aware of your body placement.

As for my lessons with Brad, things are going rather smoothly! I even stopped by and learned some Balero in a group lesson, last night! We’ve started talking costume-age, and soon a designer/tailor and Brad are coming over to my house to help fit me for the ones we’ve purchased! Also, we’re converting some of my nice prom dresses into ball gowns, so that will be fun. I’m so excited that I get to keep them and put ‘em to use! I was going to sell the dresses so they wouldn’t be gathering dust, but this is even better!

Pictures to come!

Swing Gif


Wednesday, September 16th

Today, I once again am sitting in my cozy Starbucks. My safe haven. Here, I feel like I have a place to go. It’s not like home bothers me (I love my home) but sometimes you just have to go somewhere, and lately I don’t have many place to go. Most of my days are spent in my drab little studio, in fact.

Speaking of studio, I’m about to cut back on almost all of my dance classes. Not only has it become too much with college, but it’s just become too much- especially if I’m going to focus on ballroom.


So, as mentioned, I’ve been trying to earn some extra money. So far, I’ve earned a little bit from my writing and a few surveys I’ve taken! It’s slow, but still something going towards me and my best friend’s backpacking trip. We need around $1,000 to go. As for progress, I currently only need $800 more- which is exciting. Anyways, I applied to a few short-term pet-sitting jobs on, so I hope that works out!

Anyways, Goodnight!

Monday, September 14th

For nearly as long as I can remember, I’ve denied the concept of Mondays being something to dread. However, today my deniability fell short and I almost let it get to me. My morning started much, much, later than intended. Stress keeps creeping up on me and causing sleep to come at a higher price. Seeing that I didn’t go to sleep until around 6am, I suppose waking up at 12pm is only to be expected. Anyways, it makes me feel lazy.

As soon as I woke up, I had to rush to get ready for an orthodontist appointment.

From this appointment, I learned something very interesting-

Just because you’re punctual doesn’t mean others are. 

As I walked through the door, ready with my new Liz Claiborne dress and punctual-person hair style, I noticed the waiting room was over-flowing. Frustration doesn’t even begin to explain what I was feeling. So far, I really haven’t had a cheerful experience with my braces, so this was just the rotten cherry on top. (Although, I will say I’m extremely thankful to have the resources to attend such appointments). Any-who, after two and a half hours, they found out I shouldn’t have even been there. But, since I was, they went ahead and shoved a piece of plastic between my “6 and 7″ (my last tooth on the bottom right and the one before it).

After this, I opted out of going to two dance classes to grab a bite at Dakine’s and work on some school at the local Starbucks. Along with studying, I checked the status of my account on Upwork… Supposedly, they are not currently accepting the work of people under 18. Grrr… Oh well. I need extra cash, so I’ll figure out how to make it some other way. It’s a journey :)

While the widely feared Monday had been besting me for the majority of my day, I found it in me to find back! On my way to my dance class, I was caught off-guard by how intense the sunset was. While the color was blinding, and somewhat dangerous, it was breathtaking! I absolutely adore the skies in Florida. This, interestingly enough, broke through that ickiness I had been feeling.


Constantly, I’m shocked by how such little things can turn an entire day around. I suppose it just takes a moment to stop and decide to let some happy in. In moments like these, though, I’m reminded of how people are always saying God speaks to them. I, on the other hand, never have really experienced that. Definitely, though, there is an overwhelming sense of Him. I actually found a verse that nearly addresses how I feel.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” -Ecclesiastes 3:11

This verse is especially accurate because it’s true, I can’t fathom it to the full extent that alot of people can. I try, though, and I guess that’s worth something. I think my relationship with God is, in a way, special (as is everyones) because it’s not out of a need for something. Christianity is an interest along with a lifestyle, for me, I guess.

Now, I’m curled up with the girls watching yet another round of “The Princess Bride.” V didn’t want to do anything else, so I’ll take the time with her- even if it means watching the movie over again. On days like this, moments like these make them worth it.

Until next time, I am off to go enjoy these adorable snuggles from the littles!